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AUAVS Shines at NSWSES Flood Rescue Symposium: Showcasing Excellence in UAV Capabilities

The Australian UAV Service (AUAVS) recently had the privilege of being represented by three outstanding members, Emma, Angela and Brent, at the NSW State Emergency Service (NSWSES) Flood Rescue Symposium held in Penrith, Sydney. Emma and Angela were selected for their personable, professional, and positive attributes, and undertook the mission to represent SLSNSW and AUAVS professionally to NSWSES and the range of other NSW, national, and international agencies present. The primary goals were to showcase the organisation’s capabilities, integrate into the training activities, and build connections within the emergency services community.

Throughout these days, Emma and Angela not only handled equipment setup and pack-down but also maintained a professional appearance in full UAV Pilot uniform, engaging stakeholders, and representing SLSNSW and AUAVS strongly. The team was accommodated and fed by NSWSES, with AUAVS providing all equipment and covering all other costs for this engagement.

Brent Manieri (Operations Manager – Public Safety) also presented to the NSWSES Incident Management Team members and in-field Operators about the capabilities of the AUAVS team.

We extend our gratitude to Emma, Angela, and Brent for their efforts and look forward to further opportunities for AUAVS to contribute to such significant events.

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UNSW Drone Racing Day at Sydney Swans HQ

On Tuesday 21st November we partnered with UNSW Aviation to host a Drone Racing Day at Sydney Swans HQ. The day invited high school students to participate in an FPV Drone Race, in celebration of UNSW’s new degree; Bachelor of Aviation (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems).

The students, many of whom had never flown drones before, showcased impressive skills on the challenging FPV racing course which mirrored the Australian Championships course, adding an extra layer of excitement.

The day started with a guided walkthrough of the course, providing participants insights into the challenges they would face. Surprisingly, the novice flyers displayed natural talent, resulting in very few crashes during the practice round.

Timed heats demonstrated the students’ quick adaptation, with their performances exceeding expectations. James Bassam, the MC for the day, added a vibrant touch, keeping the atmosphere charged and engaging throughout. In the end, the winning student from St Augustine’s College emerged victorious, winning a new Mavic 3 Mini for the school.

The UNSW Drone Racing Day not only introduced students to FPV racing but also showcased the power of experiential learning. The event’s success promises more thrilling competitions in the future, leaving a lasting impact on all who participated.

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Recently, Far South Coast UAV Supervisor, Sol, represented AUAVS at STEMfest. STEMfest, organised by the Department of Regional NSW, provided an excellent platform for regional high school students in Years 7 to 9 to actively interact with innovative businesses, offering them insight into the possibilities of a career in STEM. Six regional high schools from Queanbeyan and neighbouring areas, including Yass and Bungendore, participated in the event. Sol had a fantastic day engaging with students and chatting about how Surf Life Saving NSW uses drone technology.