Managed Services and Consulting


AUAVS offers Managed Services which includes providing UAV services for various industries. Our approach is built upon our history and learned experiences throughout utilising UAVs since 2017, and now totalling 40,000 flights yearly.

Our approach ensures that your company can have a UAV capability without needing to employ and train your own management team, and includes:

  • Regulations building and management: Standard Operating Procedures, ReOC Manuals, compliance, and auditing
  • People and training: RePL training, Excluded category training, night inductions, Extended Visual Line of Sight training, and key role training
  • Asset provision: we provide expert advice of what fleet will best suit your use case, and kit contents and stickering
  • Maintenance: we provide ongoing maintenance management, including service intervals, shipping, handling, and hot-swap service

Our team of experienced professionals is also available to provide Consulting services, including keynote speeches and reports on topics related to UAV technology and its applications. We work closely with our clients to identify their needs and provide customised solutions.

Our Managed Services and Consulting enable our clients to leverage the benefits of UAV technology while minimising the associated risks and costs.

Australian Aviation Awards 2022
AUAVS won Remotely Piloted Aircraft Business of the Year 2022 at the Australian Aviation Awards.