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Remote Pilot License Courses within North Coast, Hunter & South Coast Branches

We are very excited to share news of an opportunity for active volunteer members within the following Branches:

• North Coast Branch
• Hunter Branch
• South Coast Branch

Volunteer members within this area who are interested in flying UAVs as part of their local club and Branch, are encouraged to submit applications to their Branch for consideration to be part of a Remote Pilot License Course (RePL). This course provides members with the award to become a UAV Pilot (RePL).

This opportunity is being made available to these Branches due to the complex nature of the local airspace within these Branches where our volunteer members operate. The training will be offered to other Branches in future rollouts as per our regular course rotation.

Members should submit their applications to their Branch no later than Sunday, 11th February 2024.

Please see all information including course dates, requirements, and contacts here:


Australian Airforce Cadets

AUAVS recently made presentations to Australian Airforce Cadets – 326 Squadron Lismore and students from Bremer State High School. The presentations outlined some of the amazing work SLS and AUAVS members do in the UAV space and included information for the participants on volunteering and employment pathways for flying UAV’s in Surf Life Saving missions.

Topics covered in the presentations included our shark mitigation and beach safety programs along with working alongside partner agencies, SES NSW and NSW Police in Search and Rescue and Public Safety Operations such as the recent NSW floods. We also spoke about the Long-Range Drone Project and Drone in a Box trials.

Both presentations were well received by the participants, with plenty of interest and lots of questions asked. We’re grateful to both the Australian Airforce Cadets – 326 Squadron Lismore and the students at Bremer State High School for the opportunity to present to them and talk about the great work of our members.

OIP photo
Recent OIP training on the Central Coast with Lachlan, Paul, Matthew, Sean, Jordan, Cooper, Simon and Dean.