Emergency Response


NSW State Emergency Service Partnership

In 2022, AUAVS was tasked by NSW State Emergency Service (NSWSES) under our existing partnership to provide emergency flood response. With UAV Pilots based out of every coastal LGA in NSW, AUAVS is capable of tasking UAV Pilot teams on-call as required, as well as sustaining ongoing tasksings. The unfortunate flood events in Lismore, Gosford, Sydney, and many areas across regional Western NSW saw AUAVS provide real-time intel to the State Emergency Operations Centre and local Emergency Operations Centres about affected areas, road blockages and access. Our teams also conducted safety checks of on-water rescue crews. With our fleet of all-weather capable UAV’s, we were able to continue to operate even in adverse weather conditions that came with the floods including strong wind and rain. The longest of these taskings resulted in continuous provision of UAV teams for over three months.

SES FLoods

NSW Police – Search & Rescue Taskings

With our wide-spread pilot base across NSW and all-weather capable UAV’s, AUAVS is a valuable asset to NSW Police when it comes to Search & Rescues. UAV’s are becoming an increasingly popular tool in Search & Rescue operations due to their ability to access dangerous areas that are not easily reachable by watercraft. In situations where the Westpac Rescue Helicopter can’t operate, such as night-time or in adverse weather, AUAUS can be activated on an on-call basis to continue the search.

All AUAVS UAV’s are capable of way-point flights, ensuring that every part of the search area is covered. Our UAV teams will also export and provide flight tracks to Police upon the conclusion of SAR activities. AUAVS Pilots can identify persons of interest even in poor visibility and during night time through thermal sensors, and by using the LED spotlight fitted to the UAV.