Our Fleet & Pilots

AUAVS employs over 300 UAV Pilots in NSW. With UAV Pilots based out of every coastal LGA in NSW, AUAVS is the largest UAV service provider in the Southern Hemisphere.

Our fleet includes;

  • 22 DJI Tello
  • 36 x Mavic Mini 3 and 4
  • 160 x Mavic 2 Enterprise (with speaker attachment)
  • 60 x Mavic 3 Enterprise (including thermal variants) (with speaker attachment)
  • 10 x Matrice 30T RTK (with 120dB speaker attachment, thermal cameras, all-weather capability) (including DJI Dock variants)
  • 5 x Matrice 300 (with speaker attachment, thermal cameras)


AUAVS also tests and trials other types of UAVs, sensors, ground control stations, and software on an ongoing basis, through a rigorous selection process where our strategic aims and projects dictate our hardware and software requirements, and associated training and procedures.