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Identification of shark species

At AUAVS when conducting marine-life surveillance, we maintain a strong focus on 3 target sharks. We can identify different shark species by several different physical features that are visible when looking down into the water with our UAV cameras. Here is a video that outlines how we identify the three target shark species.

In summary;
White Sharks: Pointed ‘A’ frame Nose. Broad shoulders, Wide pectoral fins, tips curved and pointed slightly to tail.

Bull Sharks: Large rounded head. Broad shoulders. Dorsal fin in line between wide pectoral fins. Swimming pattern almost arrow-like, very straight.

Tiger Sharks: Rounded head. Small and very curved pectoral fins. Long narrow tail. Dorsal fin behind its pectoral fins. Swimming pattern usually stable, but read-focused, almost whip-like tail.

Nick Newton (UAV Supervisor - LNC/Hunter), Ross Worthington (UAV Pilot) and Mark Atkins (UAV Senior Supervisor - Northern NSW) at Black Head.
Sheldon Finn (UAV Senior Supervisor - Southern NSW) and Tane Simmons at Broulee.

Site Visits

The Summer patrol season is coming to an end soon, and we want to express our gratitude for all our members who’ve been dedicated to ensuring the safety of our community and beaches. Special thanks to all those who willingly took on additional shifts throughout.

Oliver Heys (UAV Operations and Compliance Coordinator) conducted several site visits from coast to coast alongside the Supervisors. The AUAVS Team was very pleased to see operations running smoothly. They received fantastic feedback from the northern locations about the new Mavic 3’s that have been rolled out, and praised the positive attitude of the southern pilots working very well with the aging fleet of Mavic 2’s. Oliver and Supervisors thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the team better, and appreciated the opportunity to answer any questions.