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AUAVS Aviation Awards 2023

Australian Aviation Awards

Last month we attended the Australian Aviation Awards, where AUAVS was nominated for the remotely Piloted Aircraft Business of the Year, a title we proudly won last year. UAV Pilot, David Jansen, who won the AUAVS Pilot of the Year award for the 2022/23 Season was nominated for the Remotely Piloted Aircraft Professional of the Year awards, along with Oliver Heys. It was an honour to be at the event, applaud the outstanding achievements of our industry peers, and foster valuable connections within the aviation community. We remain committed to excellence and look forward to more opportunities for recognition in the future.

Stuart Jackson & Alex Last Sydney Site Visits Spring 2023
Stuart Jackson (UAV Supervisor, Sydney) and Alex Last at Maroubra.

Spring Patrol Season & Site Visits

Spring patrol season is in full swing, and we want to extend our thanks to all our dedicated staff who are working hard on our beaches. We also appreciate those who’ve eagerly covered any open shifts, demonstrating our strong team spirit.

Stuart Jackson (UAV Supervisor, Sydney) and Emily Francis conducted site visits around Sydney and were very pleased to see operations running smoothly. We had the pleasure of meeting Alex at Maroubra, who demonstrated an exemplary operational setup, consistent eye-sight checks of the UAV in flight, and control checks. We thoroughly enjoyed our conversation and appreciated the opportunity to answer any questions. Building connections with our staff is a priority, and we look forward to engaging with you all more frequently throughout the patrol seasons ahead.

AUAVS Team AAUS State Networking Event 2023
AUAVS Team AAUS State Networking Event 2023 2
AUAVS Team AAUS State Networking Event 2023 3

AAUS State Networking Event

Early in September, we had the privilege of co-hosting the AAUS State Networking Event at Maroubra. We conducted a demonstration of our night search & rescue capabilities, using the M30T to show its waypoint flying, thermal technology and spotlight. It was a pleasure to meet with other professionals in the aviation industry and share the ways in which we all use UAV’s for a variety of applications.

Social Media

Exciting News! We’re thrilled to announce that Australian UAV Service is now on social media. Our primary goal is to keep the public informed and share all the positive news from our work and members with the community. We kindly remind everyone that strictly no DPI footage is to be released or posted without prior approval. However, we enthusiastically invite you to share any positive content you’d like us to feature by emailing us. We’re also open to contributions like “day in the life of a pilot,” so please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Let’s make our social media platforms a vibrant space together!

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