October 2022 Update

Flooding is unfortunately continuing to affect some parts of the state and is likely to continue for the weeks to come. AUAVS has continued to support the SES by deploying UAV Pilot teams to ensure the safety of on-water crews, check for road blockages, structural damage, and other critical issues.

September 2022 Update

In some incredible news, the Australian UAV Service (AUAVS) was awarded the major category winner of Remotely Pilot Aircraft Business of the Year at the inaugural 2022 Australian Aviation Awards! Sheldon Finn (UAV Supervisor - HUN/CC) was also selected as a finalist in the RPA Operator of the Year category.

August 2022 Update

To date, this calendar year, AUAVS has delivered 10 surfing events for Surfing NSW and Surfing Australia, with 12 more events scheduled for the rest of the calendar year. This has equated to 72 days of work completed, as well as countless hours of preparation, training, equipment maintenance, and post event reporting.

July 2022 Update

The Australian UAV Service (AUAVS) is now seeking applications for casual employment across spring, summer, autumn and winter holiday periods across NSW. With a presence in every coastal council, there is a position near you! The AUAVS are always striving to improve our processes and services. We have therefore made changes to our application process.

May 2022 Update

The Autumn DPI Operational period has wrapped up across the state, except for all Sydney locations where the season will continue until June 30th. Extended Visual Line of Sight (EVLOS) Operations are being conducted at Sydney’s Northern Beaches, using the M300, in preparation for future long-range projects.